CareerMe is a free app for all Apple and Android smartphones and tablets to help young people plan career paths and find job opportunities.

The CareerMe app, (previously known as Career Hunter) provides up-to-date occupational information allowing young people to make tangible links from school to the world of work and highlights the industries where skills are most needed. CareerMe app allows job seekers of all ages to have employment information at their fingertips anywhere, anytime with its creators stating it is the first career exploration app of its kind on the market. CareerMe collates information on different industries and occupations including job descriptions, training requirements, training locations and available jobs.

CareerMe have aligned with the Harrison Career Assessment to provide an online tool measuring job performance, satisfaction and enjoyment. The assessment includes an overview of their greatest strengths as a person, a career development guide that illustrates the ways in which they can most effectively understand and perform work tasks, and a career comparison report which identifies how suited they are to a chosen career and how well they would adapt to that occupation.

The Harrison Career Assessment is available in 25 languages and assesses jobseeker behaviour and aptitude in a way that is simple, easy to use and only takes 25-30 minutes to complete.

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The CareerMe App includes:
Industry profiles • Top jobs and skills shortages in each industry • Job description • Training requirements and organisations including their location that provide the training • Current job vacancies.

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Harrison Career Assessment

Take the Harrison Career Assessment

A powerful online tool that collates responses to a range of relevant questions, built on research specifically related to job performance. The Harrison Assessment Tool identifies the greatest strengths rated according to job satisfaction and enjoyment.

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